This is the Pirate Haven blog where we will be posting all of our guides, lists, tips, and tricks on piracy!


Feel free to contribute by opening a pull request in our repo after reading below!


You may be looking below saying something like, “actually… nevermind it”. DON’t FRET! There are roles you can achieve if you write well. As I bet you have noticed there are some people floating around our guild/server with roles of “Map Maker” and are a different color! You can achieve these roles if you write a solid post and/or post at a reasonable duration. (not saying you should post evry day or week). Try writting a post, and share it among some peopple on our server to peer-review it!


If you get it right away after reading the code block below then you’re good to go, not too complicated really. Make sure your spellin gsi correct though.

layout:	post
title:  "Title in quotes"
date:	date
author: your username on discord
tags: tags
Summary of blog post

# first header (not title)
your blog post...


Layout is always post, this tells our site to format your post accordingly so it looks beautiful!


The title of your post. there should be TWO space between the title: and the name of your blog post. Be sure to write it correctly and use quotes. We don’t want to spend time proof-reading your blog, and if your title isn’t right, then we’ll likley just tell you to read over it and fix any punctuation/grammar errors.

Note* You don’t have to re-type you title in the markdown, it’s formmated so you don’t have to!


The date has to be formated as so: YEAR-MONTH-DAY HOUR:MINUTE:SECOND -0500

  • YEAR The current year, example: 1989 or 2020. DO NOT just the last to numbers, all four.
  • MONTH Current Month, padded, example: 01 or 12. DO NOT type it out, numbers only.
  • DAY The day… same formatting as month, padded if needed. exaple: 08 or 23.
  • HOUR The hour in analog time. For 3pm that would be 15, and for 2am that would be 2.
  • MINUTE Same as month and day, padded numbers, example: 60 or 05.
  • SECOND Same as month and day, padded numbers, example: 33 or 07.
  • TIMEZONE The time zone that the time correlates to, leave blank for UTC, example: -0800.


Please put your discord username, nickname if you have one, in the author field. DO NOT give yourself a credit line after or before the summary, nor at the end of your blog post. If you haven’t noticed, your name is automatically placed right under the title!


We prefer you did only one so that when we have it sent to our discord it is formatted correctly and people can enjoy your post easier. You can do multipule, just note it may not link to your post correctly!

Other Rules

These are not as pressing, but they make your post seem more attractive to be added.


Two and three letter “joining” words are not capitalized in your title. Exceptions are made sometimes I believe. The first letter is always capitalized.

Note* this may be corrected later, not sure

# How to Torrent
# A Dog in The Wind

File Name

This is VERY IMPORTANT, the name of the file must be in this format: YEAR-MONTH-DAY-Your-Title.markdown

There should be no spaces, those are replaced with a -.

Once you have read this guide, initiate a pull request by creating a new file in /docs/_posts