This guide will cover all aspects on music piracy, from choosing the right sources to downloading complete albums and also to ensure that the tracks you have are indeed lossless via spectral analysis.



Soulseek is a very popular platform that is used by many music enthusiasts. It offers a bit-torrent like client and a peer to peer system dedicated to music. It is relatively simple to use this platform, but it has many downsides.


  • It is simple to use
  • Wide collection of music available
  • In-built chatrooms for discussions and more private tracks


  • Slow download speeds due to peer to peer system
  • Mandatory to seed your tracks or you eventually get banned
  • Boatloads of transcodes
  • Lossy formats
  • Most HQ tracks are pretty much locked by the seeder and requires you to exchange a track they need to get access to their albums.

Using Soulseek

Step-1: Download the soulseek client and choose the right distribution 32 or 64 bit depending on your PC.

Step-2: You will now have a panel similar to this after finishing installation.


Step-3: Now, you must first add your folder where you store your music tracks in order to share them to other users. In order to do that, head over to Options -> File Sharing -> Set share folder (Visible at the topmost tab), and select you’re folder and set it as public if you want anyone to download or you can make it private if you want to restrict the access. Step-4: And, now that you’re set, you can start searching for music albums. Use the search tab and enter the track name. In case you want a specific format add in the format along with the search. Once you get the results, you can download them. The downloads are shown at transfers tab. If you set a share folder, any file you upload to others will be shown in the same tab.