This is a basic guide to start your journey on video game piracy via torrenting. Starting at installing your torrent client, VPN instillation, and an explanation on why you should seed. It will cover the basics lightly for brand new people.

Client Install

qBittorent is an open source bittorrent client that is more safe than other clients such as uTorrent, Bittorrent, or BitComet. To install it, navigate to and proceed using the installer on Windows, Linux, Mac! There are other alternatives to qBittorrent such as BiglyBT, Deluge, PicoTorrent, and Transmission, but you should only use those if qBittorrent doesn’t work for you, or if you don’t like it that much, though we consider it to be the best one out there!

VPN Install

There are many trustworthy vpn’s and we will be using NordVPN in this guide

Head over to click install for windows and follow the installation process. You can gain an account through HGen. For more VPNs, you can check out this comparison list of VPNs. Another VPN Comparison list is here.

Piracy Sites + Guide

There are a lot of torrent trackers, but today we will focus on 1337x as it is a general tracker. Go over to and search what you want and I would suggest clicking the one with the most seeders. Next, click “Magnet Download”, or download a .torrent file and it should prompt to open your qBittorrent. Then you want to chose where you want to choose the download directory and let it finish downloading.

Exceptions: Do not use 1337 for most software or games! Head over to our resources page for specialized trackers!


Many newbies to piracy won’t know what seeding is and why it’s so praised in the community. Torrents are used instead of the file being downloaded from 1 source(ddl). When someone releases a torrent it will rely on you who has the file to help share that file via p2p (peer 2 peer). This is how corporations can’t get rid of torrents as there is no centralized source. However, if a torrent has no seeders, you cannot download that torrent as there is no one hosting that file anymore, the more seeders there are the faster a torrent will be (to a certain extent).


Torrenting can be a convenient and a fast way to download things online and it is always kind to seed back to the torrent so others can always keep on using it. You always want your VPN to be on while you are torrenting.